Framing is obviously a very 'visual' business so it is important to be able to show your customers a little bit of what you can offer, and to help guide them into choosing the best options for their artwork.


Part of this process will usually involve placing a variety of mount corner samples around their work to determine the colour and border width. So why not show off a little of what your Wizard can do at the same time instead of trying get the customer to imagine what a simple V Groove or stepped corner might look like?


We have created a series of corner chevron samples based on the standard templates available as part of the wizard software. You can download the chevron files and cut them on your machine. The chevrons are saved as Cut Art files.


There are 2 types of files .WCA files which can be cut on any Wizard (that cuts everything with a bevel blade), and .WCX files for cutting with 8500eSBT and 9000 models (these will cut the outside edge with a straight cut).


Either download each chevron as required, or e-mail us and we will send you a disc with all of them on.