Path Trace

Path Trace is an area that people tend to shy away from because they think it will be too complicated - but don't be afraid to have a go! There are lots of simple ways you can edit designs that have started off in Mat Designer, it isn't just for drawing designs from scratch.
Once you have mastered a few basics you will be amazed at how simple it is to create stunning designs with just minimum application of Path Trace Tools. If you are struggling to get into it then why not give us a call and book to come along to our offices in Leicester for training - it's all part of the service! Did we mention it's FREE ?

The following PDF files will open in your browser and you can print them out if you want to.


1) How to make Design Alterations using Path Trace

Path Trace Design Alterations


A guide making changes to a design started in Mat Designer.




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2) Creating an Oval Inset Mount

Wizard Oval Inset Mount 





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3) Drawing a heart

Heart Shapes




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4) Path Trace Drawing

Path Trace Drawing

 If you are ever asked to copy a company logo or a complex design, you can do this in pathtrace. This document gives a step by step example to follow which will introduce all the features of path trace. 




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5) Path Trace Manual

If you want to view the complete Path Trace Manual you can download it here.