Tutorials & Articles

Getting the most out of your Wizard Mountcutter is vitally important for your business, and we understand how busy you can get with the day to day tasks. So we have created a group of short articles and tutorials that you can download to help improve your skills and knowledge in your own time.


Topics Covered ;

1) Mat Designer - The Basics

2) Letter Mount Ideas

3) Multiple Mounts

4) Box Mount / Cove Mount

5) V Grooving

6) Debossing



1) Mat Designer - The Basics

Here are some articles that cover a few of the standard functions of Mat Designer.

Templates and Mixed

Create unique design combinations by using the Mixed template. 

Wizard Templates









Heart and Fan

How to adjust the parameters of the standard templates. 

Wizard Heart Template







The Oval Top Mat

How to create the perfect fit for any oval shaped mount. 

Wizard Oval Top Mount








Using the Nesting feature to get the best use out of your mountboards.

Wizard Nesting








2) Letter Mount Ideas

Don't forget that with the Wizard Mat Designer software you can use any TruType font, and all the extra symbols that go along with them! Try this multi mount idea and see what other interesting ideas you can create

The Ampersand

Wizard Letter Mount & Ampersand








3) Multiple Mounts

Getting to grips with using Multiple Mounts will undoubtedly save you a huge amount of time, as well as allowing you to offer a much wider range of options to your customers. Any Multi mount can be offered as a double or triple mount at the click of a mouse, and of course you can combine any number of different template shapes on 1 design. So why not create some great examples to inspire your customers a little, how about a load of family photos or some old football memorabilia? 

Getting Started with Multiples - part one

Wizard Multiple Opening Mounts






Getting Started with Multiples - part two

Wizard Multiple Opening Mounts 2








4) Box Mount / Cove Mount

We are often asked if it is possible to create a box or cove mount on the Wizard, and you will be pleased to hear the simple answer is yes! Just follow this simple design and you will be able to adjust it to create the perfect size boxes everytime!

Box/Cove Mount

Wizard Box Mount








If you are looking to create cove boxes (ie with sloping sides) then this little application is ideal. Simply download this small zip file with this link and it will work all the difficult parts out for you!

You would still use the 2 layers (as described above) and use the figures as below:Slope Sided Box designer

X = Opening height

Y = Opening width

S = Reveal figure, and 'Height' on the parameters for layer 2

C = 'Width' on the parameters for layer 2



5) V Grooving

V-Grooving is the perfect way of adding value to your job without adding any cost! It is an ideal decoration for a wide variety of artwork ranging from watercolours, prints, photographs etc. The best way to sell the concept is to have a good example on your wall, and also to make sure you have chevron samples with a couple of different v-groove variations on.

Adding and adjusting a basic V-Groove

Wizard V-Grooves








Attaching V-Grooves

Wizard Attaching V-Grooves








Decorative V-Groove Designs

Wizard Decorative V-Grooves


Blending Letters & V-Grooves

Wizard Letters & V-Grooves








Open V-Grooves

Wizard Open V-Grooves






6) Debossing

The debossing tools give a subtle decoration ideal for small text or logos when a delicate touch is required. The kit is supplied as standard with all 8500e, 8500eSBT and 9000 models and is available as an optional extra on the 8000 model. There are 3 different thickness of cartridges allowing you to choose between a thin, medium or thick line.

Introduction to Debossing

Wizard Debossing Introduction








Designing Debossed Lines

Wizard Debossing Lines









Designing Debossed Cut Art

Wizard Debossed Cutart









Designing Debossed Captions

Wizard Debossed Captions