WIZ9000z Wizard 9000z Zero Waste Ex Demo Machine

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Wizard 9000z Frameshop Ex Demo machine £17,000.00 + VAT

Includes Floorstand, PC, Frameshop software, Pen Tool, Debossing Tools, Vinyl Kit, Blades, Compressor, Delivery (UK mainland), 12 month warranty.


The Wizard 9000z has  SmartClamp system designed for edge to edge cutting with zero material waste. Frameshop software enables Nesting, Tiling and optimised outside cuts.

The 9000z also offers all of the advanced design options including: pen drawings, debossed lines,three bevel options and a vinyl cutter to expand your creativity. 


Wizard Computerised Mountcutters (CMC's) are the world's most popular machines with over 6000 in use Worldwide.  Order today and you could be cutting exciting designs to inspire your customers and increase efficiency.


We supply the PC, software, & delivery with the price. Training is also included which is from our training room in Leicester.

Contact us today for a full information pack & pricing.


Switchblade Technology - The 9000z is supplied with the Switchblade Cutting Head as standard. The switchblade head has 9 different tools that can easily be interchanged in seconds with the flick of a lever - there are no hidden extra costs.

There are 4 blade cartridges for cutting 45°, 45°+ for thicker materials, 52° for intricate cuts and 90°, and 3 Debossing tools that can apply lines in 3 different widths, a pen cartridge for drawing lines and decorations and a vinyl tool for cutting text and shapes. Other standard features include:

  • Over 90 standard design templates
  • Create custom designs
  • Ability to cut True Type fonts
  • Cuts 1500 x 1000mm (60x40") as standard
  • Any opening, Cut Art or LetterMat can be cut as V-Groove or reverse bevel
  • Hundreds of Clip Art designs available
  • Control over decorative parameters of all designs
  • Design upto 6 layers
  • Rotate an opening or group of openings to any degree
  • Cuts mountboards upto 3400micron
  • Can be wall mounted to save space
  • Automatically lays out multiples of a job on a single mountboard
  • Design mounts from the front or back
  • Debossing Kit allows you to create subtle decorative designs

There are different mounting options available for the 9000 model.

Sensible Software
Imitated but never bettered! By far the most important element of the Wizard is the software. Don't be afraid if you think using a computer will be too time consuming to get the hang of, the Wizard software is written to be extremely 'user-friendly' allowing you to spend time creating exciting new designs to inspire your customers.

The layout of designs on screen is very clear, and the software always shows you on screen exactly what you are creating. Sounds too simple? Why not ask us for an information pack?

And our Free Training can help get a new user up and running quickly, or help you to advance your knowledge.

The Complete Package
We aim to make your transition to computerised mountcutting run as smoothly as possible and can offer you purchase options tailored to suit your requirements.

You can select from 2 different options:

  1. Purchase Outright
  2. Purchase on a Lease Finance Deal


Whichever option you choose we include delivery, PC, and training in Leicester.

Free Training
As well as the Free training included in your intial purchase (from our Training Room in Leicester), we also offer Free  additional training. Whether you want to advance your knowledge or get a new member of staff trained up on the basics then call us to book a place. In addition to this we hold 'Advanced Training' classes twice a year which all customers are invited to, it also provides a good opportunity for you to network with other customers and exchange ideas.


WIZ9000z Wizard 9000z Zero Waste Ex Demo Machine

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Wizard 9000z SmartClamps Disengaged Wizard 9000z SmartClamps Engaged Wizard 9000z CMC Cutting Head


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