T225 Hand Operated Tab Driver

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The new T225 tab driver is the latest upgrade to one of the world's best selling Manual Tab drivers, with proven reliability at a great price.

  • Magazine Feed
  • Light Weight Yet Strong Build
  • Ideal for Picture Framing or Window Glazing
  • Works with any Backing Material
  • Used by Hobby or Professional Framers
  • Use Flexible or Rigid Tabs

This hand operated tool is used to insert flat tabs which neatly secure glass, artwork and backing board into a picture frame. Choose from either flexible or rigid tabs - the flexible tab can be bent up (just using a finger nail) so that the contents of the frame can be easily changed or taken out for cleaning. The rigid tabs are made from a stronger steel and can be used for a more permanent fixing. 

Tabs are not included with the driver, please order separately.

Tab Size is 0.4mm x 4.3mm x 15mm

T225 Hand Operated Tab Driver

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Simple Hand Operation Tabs Are Supplied In Glued Strips Adjustable Spring Pressure For Hardwoods Black Tabs Are Flexible - Silver Tabs Are Rigid Tab Size 0.4mm x 4.3mm x 15.0mm The T225 Can Use Flexible Or Rigid Type Tabs



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