Framers Corner Product Warranty

All Framers Corner machines are supplied with a FREE one year warranty. This does not affect your statutory rights.
The warranty starts on the day you purchase the goods (the date on your invoice or receipt) and covers faulty parts and workmanship for a duration of 12 months.
During the period of the warranty, if Framers Corner accept a fault exists and is covered by the warranty, you will be offered parts,  a repair, a replacement or a refund, depending upon the nature of the fault and the time elapsed since purchase.


Claim procedure

Contact Framers Corner and explain the fault. We may ask you to put it in writing, if the initial contact is verbal. We may also ask for a proof of purchase, such as a copy of the invoice or receipt.
Framers Corner will then arrange, at their discretion, one of these options;

1) Despatch of replacement parts to be fitted by the customer.
2) The faulty goods to be collected from your premises for repair.
3) The faulty goods to be collected and a new replacement despatched.
4) The faulty goods to be collected, inspected and then a full refund of the purchase price given.


Additional Details

Option 1) This option is often quickest and easiest for both parties. We have engineers who can guide you through fitting the new part.
Framers Corner must be supplied with the appropriate part numbers of any parts requested. Failure to do so will delay despatch as descriptions of parts can sometimes be confusing.
Part numbers can be identified from the drawing in the product manual or downloaded from the technical help section of our website.
Option 2) Whenever possible, goods should be packed in the original packaging. If the original packaging is no longer available a suitable alternative should be used. You must take reasonable care to ensure that the goods are not damaged during return transit.
When arranging a collection of the goods, you may specify any working day when the goods will be suitably packed and ready for collection. We can collect on any specified date but cannot give a time. Our carriers operate between 8am and 6pm. Please ensure somebody is available at the collection address on the appointed day. Our carriers make a charge for a collection which fails. Framers Corner are not liable for any damage which occurs during return transit even if we have arranged the collection through our chosen carrier. Any damages found which have not been previously reported will not be repaired under warranty. A charge will be made to repair such damages, which will consist of the parts used and labour at £30 per hour.
Framers Corner will undertake to deal with all warranty returns as quickly as possible which will be between 1 to 14 days from being received by ourselves. (Our current average is just 2 days) Once the goods have been repaired we will contact you to arrange the re-delivery.
Option 3) We will promptly arrange the collection of the faulty goods from your premises (see option 2 details). The goods must then be inspected by a Framers Corner engineer before a new replacement can be sent. We will contact you to arrange the new delivery.
Option 4) This option is only available during the first 30 days of the warranty. After 30 days it is assumed that the goods were accepted as fault free when first purchased. 


Non Warranty Repairs

In cases where goods have been collected and inspected by an engineer and either;
i) No fault is found
ii) The fault is deemed not to be the responsibility of Framers Corner
A charge equal to the actual cost for the collection and re-delivery of the goods will be made.
All repairs and servicing work carried out by Framers Corner, which is not under warranty, will be charged for. The charge will be for any replacement parts used plus labour at £30 per hour. A quotation can be supplied before any work is carried out when requested.

Circumstances when customers do not have the right to make a warranty claim;
Accidental damage to the item
A fault caused by misuse 
Fair Wear and Tear
Damage caused by trying to make an unauthorised repair themselves
If they knew it was faulty before they bought it (ie bought an Ex-display model)
if they decide they no longer want the item – See our Returns Policy



Consumable items such as drive belts, bearings, carbon brushes and non-rechargeable batteries are not covered by the warranty.
Tooling items, such as guillotine blades, dust extraction hose, dust filter bags, sanding discs, etc. are not covered by this warranty. With excessive use any tooling item will need replacing or servicing within 1 year.


Expired Warranty

Framers Corner offer a full spare parts supply service for many years after you purchase a product. To order a part you will need to know the model number and the item part number. Both of these can be found in the owners manual. If that cannot be located you can download a copy from our website.


Our warranty does not affect your statutory rights. If you are a consumer, your statutory rights are laid out in the Sale Of Goods Act. Trading Standards have compiled an explanation leaflet in plain English which you can download here.